Teachers in Belgium

To become a 5Rhythms® teacher is a big challenge.

It is both an inner and an outer journey.

A journey inwards because it is necessary to live the 5Rhythms® in order to teach them.

A journey outwards because it involves much travel!

We are also expected to continually be present, to have the energy needed to follow what happens on the dance floor, and to guide/ bring attention to different aspects where/when this is needed. Itís not just about our own dance, but also an exploration about what we can share or want to share with others. How much can we feel into what is happening on the dance floor, and how open are we to letting it touch our hearts? A challenging and rewarding task.

We have followed this path at times together, collectively and at times individually.

At the present time there are 18 fully trained 5Rhythms® teachers in Belgium.

It is our task to bring you into movement as soon as you step onto the dance floor.

We each do this is in our own unique way. One may work more with music, and another more with exercises, spiritual or physical. One works inside and another in nature. Our backgrounds are very varied and complementary.

We suggest that you meet, get to know and try out each of us so that you yourself can determine what style suits you best. You could also just alternate with different teachers.